With an influence on satisfaction, happiness and productivity, corporate culture plays a far more influential role than many people realize. If you want to improve your corporate and team culture, here are a few sure-fire strategies that have a lasting impact.

Provide Opportunities for Team Recognition

One of the key detractors from a positive culture is the lack of recognition and appreciation that one can receive. Employee peer recognition programs can acknowledge important contributions that are happening around the company.

Offer Personalized Rewards

While generic company swag may seem like a nice way to express your appreciation, it often feels inauthentic. Instead, let rewards be more personal and let your staff choose their prize so that they have something that suits their tastes and wants.

Host Pitch Events

A useful tactic to bring everyone together is to unite them under a common goal. Consider hosting pitch events periodically where employees can form teams to identify and solve unique problems. This also empowers them to take control of an issue that they see and help identify innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.

Allot Time to Make Connections

An employee’s workplace connections also play an influential part in their experience and make work a far more enjoyable experience. Consider hosting casual outings and fun gatherings so that your team can spend time connecting with others outside of just projects and work-related tasks.

Think Outside of the Box for Outings

Team building can be exhausting when it is confined to a conference room. Next time, think outside the box and relocate your retreats and outings. Change things up and play a sport together, take a cooking class or unplug, go exercise or learn something new together.

Unplug Together

If you want to truly connect with your team, you cannot be constantly distracted by other things. Consider designating time to unplug so that the work can be uninterrupted for a short period and you can just focus on each other and team tasks.

Give Time and Funds for Professional Development

Another way to show that you value your team and want to improve their experience is to invest in their professional development. This can improve employee satisfaction and leave you with better employees in the long run.

Crowdsourced Ideas

You don’t need to furiously brainstorm cures to your cultural issues. Your employees likely have plenty of ideas and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to their experience. Invite them in to pitch their ideas on how to improve the corporate culture.

There are many avenues that you can take to improve your corporate culture. The most important thing is that you take the time, energy and resources necessary to improve it.