How Can Equipment Financing Benefit Your Business?

The equipment your company needs to be successful is often a significant expense. To help you save the cash you have on hand, RAM Capital Solutions Inc. offers both equipment financing and leasing options. Choose the financial solution that is most beneficial for your business.

Why You Should Finance Equipment

RAM Capital Solutions Inc. does not require collateral on most loans. You can expect to receive a loan of up to $500,000 and you do not have to show a financial statement for loans under $150,000. We also offer various payment structures so you can repay the equipment loan on your terms.

How Equipment Leasing Can Help Your Business

When you choose to lease the equipment you need instead of purchasing it, you can free up the cash you have on hand so you can grow your business in other ways. This option gives you a significant tax advantage and preserves existing lines of credit. It also allows you to upgrade equipment at any time so you do not pay for outdated machinery.

Why We Offer Various Programs

No two businesses are exactly alike, and because we understand that companies fall into various categories, we offer four distinct programs to accommodate these different needs. Depending upon which category your company falls into, choose from any of the following four programs.

  • B, C and D programs: Companies with imperfect credit histories qualify for equipment loans.
  • Startup programs: New businesses qualify for funding to obtain equipment.
  • Sale and lease-back programs: We lease out the equipment you need until you are able to buy it.
  • Government and municipal programs: Public entities such as firehouses, libraries and police stations are guaranteed approval for equipment financing.

Get Started Today

RAM Capital Solutions Inc. is here to help you secure the equipment your company needs to run. Contact us today to discuss your equipment financing needs and determine which financial solution is best for you.